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The App Store's most beautiful news reader, giving you complete control over the content you see, in a form you'll enjoy.

When The Early Edition RSS reader launched alongside the original iPad in 2010, it redefined the daily newspaper. Then we did it all over again with Early Edition 2.

Just like the original, The Early Edition 2 is a beautiful, up-to-the-minute newspaper that puts you in the editorial seat. But that’s where the similarities end. Completely re-imagined and re-built, The Early Edition 2 is a whole new experience.


  • Two reader modes: Standalone or Feedly sync
  • Lovely, dynamic page layouts
  • Optional display style overrides for Feeds or Sections (Normal, Photo & Photo + Border)
  • Page turn animation that follows your finger
  • A hidden toolbar which allows you to enjoy your content without distraction
  • All images are cached so you can enjoy the full experience when offline
  • Tap an image to enter the swipeable gallery mode
  • Your entire paper is searchable, with the bonus of being able to save specific search terms for one-tap searching in the future
  • Clippings & Readability. Two shoeboxes filled with stories you’ve saved for reading later by starring or saving to a Readability account
  • A curated list of 'Featured Feeds' - quality suggestions for topics and news sources that you might be interested in
  • Gesture controls to take advantage of the iPad's multi-touch interface
  • Twitter integration and other sharing services like Instapaper, Facebook, Evernote, Pinboard, Delicious and Read It Later
  • A brand new engine under the hood
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Available now for the iPad and iPad mini.



Use it daily

"I've tried a lot of RSS readers but this is the best yet. I use this with the Guardian's full text RSS feeds. It's much more usable than the Guardian app and as up-to-date as the website."

Love it!

"The most enjoyable thing about this app is the interface. Really love the way it looks like magazine/newspaper as well as it's font selection. The direct link with Instapaper/Readability (just swipe up!) also another plus for this app. With full touch gesture, it is really top-notch app for me. If it is able to update quicker in 3G network like most of RSS reader does, this app deserve more than 5 stars!"


"Like reading a real newspaper. Has previously been plagued by glitches but this is *** fixed. Recommended"