Tree Quests

Forestry Commission


Youth oriented mobile game for a heritage site
Bluetooth beacons for location services
Atrium CCS deployment
The Forestry Commission's National Arboretum at Westonbirt tendered for a mobile game that would engage, educate, and encourage, teenagers - their hardest to reach visitors!


User experience

Wanting to fully address the requirements of the brief, we decided to design two game types within a single app:

TrailQuest. A single-player treasure hunt game with smart path creation and an engaging variety of clues and challenges

TeamQuest. A multi-player only game - designed specifically for the youth groups who frequently visit Westonbirt - in which teams must capture trees to build-up their own digital Arboretum.


Custom iconography and illustration encompassed not just the wide variety of trees at Westonbirt but also a full selection of awards badges to add interest for repeat users. Airsource did it all - from start to finish.


Working closely with Forestry Commission interpretation, youth engagement and design staff, Airsource built TreeQuests to reference Westonbirt's existing youth branding.


TrailQuest and TeamQuest use Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, mounted on the trees of the arboretum, to trigger challenges and 'capturing' of trees.

TreeQuests is backed by our Collection Curation System, Atrium, that enables Forestry Commission staff to make changes to the app's content via an online portal, and see these changes reflected in the app within minutes. No need to plan an app update release months ahead!


Very good way to explore Westonbirt, and it keeps you entertained as you explore the place.  A good concept and well thought out. Recommended.