Meridian Audio


Modernised underlying architecture
Improved performance
Comprehensive integration testing
Meridian create high-end home audio systems, and are greatly respected in the audio industry for the quality of their products. Their mobile application, Sooloos, allows users to remotely control these systems, delivering pristine lossless audio into multiple zones around their home.


This project was all about the code, with very little design input being required. Sooloos required a complete overhaul to be compatible with the huge changes brought in with Apple's iOS updates, and to give it some future-proofing. There was a complex legacy codebase with poor performance that required considerable platform-specific expertise and in-depth end-to-end testing.


Airsource conducted a code review and presented a staged approach for addressing these challenges to the client. Happy with this clear view of how the work would be carried out, Meridian gave the go ahead.

We worked to update and revise the codebase, quadrupling the performance in some key areas, and improving the user's overall experience with the app.

We continue to provide support and maintenance to Sooloos, handling OS updates, bug fixing, monitoring analytics and crashes, and introducing new features.