Kids ‘n’ Castles

Mid-Antrim Heritage Partnership


Deliver an engaging heritage experience for families on a limited budget
Location-based app in an outdoor environment without GPS
Meet an aggressive timescale for a remote client
Mid-Antrim Heritage Partnership approached Airsource to provide a complete solution to a multi-site mobile engagement project for families visiting two sites in Northern Ireland; Carrickfergus Town Walls and Antrim Castle Gardens.

The sites were very different - Antrim Castle Gardens had benefited from a substantial HLF-funded renovation in the recent past and was popular with local families; Carrickfergus Town Walls represented a more challenging venue, being located close to the tourist destination of Carrickfergus Castle.


User experience

Airsource's Atrium platform allowed us to assemble Kids 'n' Castles quickly, while also extending the application to allow some custom elements relevant to the locations. Working closely with Mid-Antrim Heritage Partnership staff meant we realised a robust and compelling app for kids in record time.


The Airsource design team created two characters for the application - Cara and Andy - and advised on content decisions to ensure that the app met the expectations for the desired audience.


With a kid-friendly colour scheme and style, Kids 'n' Castles keeps a younger audience learning and engaged in their surroundings. Full of exciting awards and interactive activities, visitors are able to freely explore the sites at their own pace as they discover more about their heritage.


Airsource built the “Kids ‘n’ Castles” app in 3 months, meeting all of the constraints posed by the Mid-Antrim Heritage Partnership. Building on their Atrium platform, Airsource were able to invest the client’s budget in a clear, kid-friendly design, conduct on-site user testing for both venues and add two new game types.

Several on-site visits were undertaken for beacon installation, usability testing and training.


The kids really enjoyed hunting for locations and playing the games. When we chatted about it after it was lovely to hear that they had learned something too!