Ble medical app

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Code review
Code rebuild
Stability fixes
Introduced support systems
Long-term developer support
A local consultancy was working on an iOS app which was intended to communicate over Bluetooth LE to a wearable medical data collection device being developed in parallel. A number of different iOS contract development teams had already worked on the project, but the app suffered from extremely low bandwidth, unreliable connectivity, and frequent crashes. Airsource was asked to solve the bandwidth and connectivity issues and propose a path to bring the app to a level of quality sufficient for clinical trials.



Airsource quickly conducted a high level code review to provide visibility into the state of the project, and identified the sources of the main connectivity and bandwidth issues. We provided patches on the embedded side and a test iOS app to demonstrate reliable fast communication between it and the embedded device, yielding a 10x bandwidth improvement. After taking control from the previous developer, we brought this improvement into the client’s app, while also fixing code quality and stability issues. Key support systems where then set up including continuous integration, unit tests for critical code paths, over the air build delivery, and automated crash report collection. As the client desired to bring some of the app development in-house, we provided long-term developer support and advice to help their team take over the project.