Portable Microscope






  • End-to-end mobile microscope
  • Live video streaming
  • Integrated hardware / software design


iolight approached Airsource to develop the iPad application for their magnificent mobile microscope, a laboratory grade imaging device small enough to carry in your bag.

The microscope hardware would need to be controlled via the iPad app, giving users options for focus and positioning, and with the ability to stream live HD video over Wifi back to the device.

The Challenge

  • Live streaming and capture of HD video from an embedded device to the iPad
  • Embedded software running on custom hardware to control the microscope
  • Hardware and software integration

The Result

With the design still in it's early stages, we had to start by building and testing prototype microscope hardware to ioLight's specification. We then developed the embedded software, followed by the alpha iPad application, creating a custom streaming solution to handle the HD video.

When the final microscope was completed we were able to seamlessly incorporate our firmware and instantly test all aspects of the hardware, significantly accelerating the development of iolight's production version.

The product is still in development, with initial release coming early in 2016.

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