Cellar 2 is now available!

Cellar: Manage your wine collection

Keep track of the wines you love, the wines you want - and the ones you don't! - all in Cellar’s beautiful interface.

Organising your wine collection has never been so much fun! Cellar is available on the App Store.

About Cellar

Cellar was developed as a counter to the dull spreadsheet style of standard wine organisers. Swiping through your bottles of wine in Cellar feels much quicker and more intuitive than reading down a list of written names.

You can keep track of the wines you own, wines you would like to buy and wines you really don't want to buy again. Stats help you to keep track of spending, and you can share wines with other Cellar users too.

We have exciting plans for a future update of Cellar, including an iPad specific version.

Over many years of development, we've honed the experience of using Cellar to put your wine front-and-centre. With tasting notes, gradings and the ability to make the bottle look just like it does in your wine rack, Cellar provides a uniquely beautiful perspective on your collection.

Cellar is a great way to manage your wine collection. It's not just a bland list of names and vintages - it's a proper cellar! Browsing your wine collection is like looking at the real thing.

Customize each bottle based on:
• shape of bottle 
• colour of glass 
• bottle top 
• wine label

Add information about each one, such as:
• Wine Producer
• Vintage
• Grape (including blends)
• Name
• Region
• Type
• Price
• Personal notes
• Pairings
• Drink from and by…
• Personal star rating
• 100 pt wine scores


Cellar is more than just a Cellar. It's a Garage, Wishlist and Trash skip as well! Finished a bottle? Move it to the Garage for future reference if you enjoyed it. Didn't like it? Move it to the trash, where you can locate it later if need be. What about wine that you've been recommended or tasted in a restaurant? Enter it straight into your Wishlist and then move to the Cellar when you eventually purchase it.

Portrait mode

Sometimes viewing your wine in the landscape mode is not ideal. Simply tap the portrait mode button (top right) and you'll see a list view of your wines in all four locations.

Search and Sort

You can search for wine based on any of the data you've entered, as well as sort your entire collection based on: Type, Region, Vintage, Price or Rating. Search and Sort are available in both landscape and portrait modes too!


Worried about losing all that info you've entered? Use our backup feature to keep a .cellar file copy on your computer. Meanwhile, 'Merge' allows people in the same household to enter half their Cellars each on separate devices, and then merge them both to create a complete database!

Email individual bottles

This feature is pretty nifty. You've heard of emailing wine info to friends in other apps haven't you? Well this is different. When you email bottles in Cellar, you're actually emailing the bottle itself, not just some info about it. The recipient simply taps the link provided in the email and the whole bottle is downloaded into their Cellar, shape, glass color, label image, notes and all!

Other features

• Statistics on your wine collection
• Quicknote and Quickpair menus for fast data entry
• Popups for grape varieties, producers, etc
• Shake to choose - If you can't pick a bottle to drink, give your device a quick shake when viewing your collection and Cellar will choose a bottle for you!